Lynn E. Allison, M.D.

The Branson Clinic Skin Spa Difference

We believe that laser procedures should be performed in a medical environment, so our physician involvement is integrated into everything we do. Dr. Allison uses her medical and procedural experience, competency, and professionalism when treating each one of our clients.

Here are a few additional things to consider:

Free, no obligation consultation. We will not pressure you and we will give you all of your options even if we don't offer the service.

We do not have agreements requiring you to purchase a specific number of treatments. We believe that each patient is different. Therefore, you only pay for the individual treatments at the time of service. Packages are available for additional savings and tailored to each patient.

Our Clinic is owned and operated by a full-time, board-certified physician who takes a personal, hands-on role in your treatments. She is also personally and professionally invested in our community for the long term. Additionally, Dr. Allison is known and well respected by the medical community as well as the patient community.

We are a professional medical office, and all of the procedures are performed here.

We Only use up-to-date, FDA cleared lasers and light-based technologies. Additionally, we use laser technology instead of needles and injections.

We publish our prices because we do not believe in gimmicks.

Some will use only one laser to perform all or most of their services. We have multiple different lasers and light-based heads that are used for each specific type of treatment.