Lynn E. Allison, M.D.

LifeStyle and Weight Managment Consulting

Helping you make changes that will Last a Lifetime

Program Overview

Free Consultation: A one-on-one meeting with our consultant that includes a 
                                      comprehensive evaluation of your health history, lifestyle,
                                      and goals.  This service is complimentary and will help us
                                      to determine if our program is right for you.

Assessment: A minimum of 6 weekly sessions where we explore ways to
                               help you reach your unique goals by creating a healthy lifestyle plan                                based on sound dietary guidelines, the principles
                               of mindful eating, & your “exercise personality”.

Maintenance: Once we have found a plan that works for you, these monthly
                                  will help you maintain your healthy lifestyle for a lifetime.


What You Will Get

  • A medically supervised program
  • Privacy & confidentiality
  • One–on-one counseling
  • A plan based on your individual needs
  • Support & accountability as you seek to make changes that will last

What You Won’t Get

  • A fad diet
  • A quick fix
  • A list of “bad” foods
  • A set of rules
  • Guilt-based counseling


About the Consultant
Ann-Victoria Kuenzle is an A.C.E. certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant.  She also holds a bachelor’s degree in fitness and wellness.



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