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Massage Therapy


Mission Statement

To educate and provide healing touch through therapeutic massage in a professional manner, thereby promoting holistic health among men and women of all ages. Ann-Victoria Kuenzle, Licensed Massage Therapist

Volume Discounts!!

Volume Discounts                       Relaxation/Therapeutic             Pregnancy

Buy  3 one hour massages           $55/hr = $165                             $70/hr  = $210 
Buy 4 one hour massages            $53/hr =  $212                            $68/hr = $272 
Buy 5 one hour  massages           $51/hr = $255                             $66/hr  = $330

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Relaxation Massage

A full body Swedish massage using light to moderate pressure, gentle stretching, essential oils, and hot packs. Relieves tension and stress from the mind and body. This is the perfect massage for all ages. 30 mins $45, 60 mins $60, 90 mins $90

Therapeutic Massage

Relieves pain, tension and stress by focusing on areas of chronic tension using moderate to firm pressure, stretching, bodywork, trigger point therapy, moist heat compresses, and essential oils. 30 mins $45, 60 mins $60, 90 mins $90

Pregnancy Massage

A relaxing and therapeutic massage given by a certified prenatal practitioner using safe techniques and proper positioning that may improve many of the mother’s common discomforts and stress throughout her pregnancy. 30 mins $55, 60 mins $75, 90 mins $105
*Must have a written release from mother’s prenatal healthcare provider if there are any complications. Make note of how far along mother is when making appt.

Instructional Pregnancy Massage

Providing couples with proper techniques, positioning, and important guidelines to follow so they can safely enjoy the benefits of therapeutic touch at home. This is an important role for the father to have during the course of the pregnancy and a great way to prepare the couple for labor as a team.  60 mins $80

Labor Massage

Have a massage therapist to help ease your pain and discomforts during labor with therapeutic touch using precise techniques, pressure points, and reflexology. First three hours =$100/hr, $50/hour after the first three hours.

Onsite Seated Chair Massage for the Workplace

This is a great way to reward your employees or to show your appreciation. A licensed massage therapist will bring her services to your workplace. Massages will be performed on a portable massage chair provided by the therapist. Contact Branson Clinic Skin Spa at (417) 239-0125 for more information.

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