Skin Rejuvenation

The Maturing Face


As we age several things occur that lead to unfavorable changes in the skin’s structure.



 The ultraviolet rays from the sun are absorbed through the entire thickness of the skin.  With time, this leads to oxygen-free radicals forming within the skin cells.  These radicals damage the skin cells by degrading collagen and elastin.  It is this process that leads to “sun damage” such as pigment changes, wrinkles, poor texture, visible blood vessels and generalized redness. 



Smoking produces collagen damaging oxygen-free radicals and depletes the natural antioxidant substances in the skin.  It is believed that smoking causes worse premature aging than even extensive sun exposure. 



With time the constant pull of gravity leads to an overall laxity of the skin.  This leads to the formation of “jowls” and loose skin under the chin. 


Natural Aging

As one gets older the amount of the skin’s natural free radical fighting antioxidants declines.  In addition, menopause leads to a dramatic decline in the amount of estrogen in the skin.  These changes lead to a significant loss of collagen, which is the component of skin that keeps it plump and youthful appearing. 


Anti-Aging Strategies


Numerous modalities are now being used to help individuals slow down and even reverse the aging process. 



Cosmocueticals are topical products used to help improve the skin’s radiance and decrease the speed of aging while protecting against serious conditions such as skin cancer.  These products are widely available and come in all price ranges.  Branson Clinic Skin Spa offers a higher end line of skin care products from SkinCeuticals. 


Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is used to stimulate collagen growth and collagen contraction.  This in turn leads to improved skin tone, texture and laxity.  At Branson Clinic Skin Spa the 3-Dimensional (3-D) approach to laser skin rejuvenation is used.  This involves treating three layers of the skin with three different laser techniques. 



Photo Genesis

Photo Genesis is the use of light delivered to the upper most layer of skin or the epidermis. This feels like a light pinching sensation to the skin surface.   The Pigmented spots and red areas of the skin absorb these light pulses.  This causes them to fade over the next 3 weeks.   The result is a less mottled complexion and clearer younger looking skin. 


Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis targets the layer of skin that connects the upper most layer with the deepest layer. This feels like a generalized warming to the skin.  Most patients find this treatment quite relaxing.   The laser light gently warms this area to stimulate collagen production.  This results in an overall decrease in redness, reduction of fine wrinkles and improved skin texture. 



The titan is a light therapy that targets the deeper layer of the skin or the dermis. This feels like a brief warming sensation with each pulse of light.   The warming of the dermis leads to collagen contraction and long-term collagen stimulation and growth.  The result is a tightening of the skin.  Areas that have the best response are the sagging jaw lines, the neck and the abdomen. 


After your free consultation, an individualized regimen is developed using some or all of the above modalities.  In general, an individual will need 2-3 photo genesis sessions, 5-6 laser genesis sessions and 2-3 titan sessions.  The sessions are spread 2-3 weeks apart and the above treatments can all be done in 1 session or spread into separate sessions according to each person’s needs and schedule.  


Risks to the Procedure


These laser treatments are very safe and the risks are minimal.  But, anytime light energy is placed on the skin there is some redness associated which goes away within a couple of hours.  Rarely, there can be crusting to the skin, which resolves as well.  Very rarely a crusted area could potentially lead to scarring. 


Costs of the Procedure


Skin Rejuvenation packages are customized according to the individual need.  Below are examples of potential packages with their corresponding costs. 


Standard Single Treatment Prices/Single Area:

Titan (T):          $ 815 per treatment

LimeLight (pg): $ 250 per treatment

Laser Genesis (lg):   $ 325 per treatment


Package Prices:  New Pricing

3-D – (treatments every 2 weeks)

P3d30 - optimal for skin age in the 30's - 5 Tx's - $2,400 - [pg/lg, pg/lg, T/lg, pg/lg, lg]

P3d40 - optimal for skin age in the 40's - 5 Tx's - $3,215 - [pg/lg, T/lg, pg/lg, T/lg, pg/lg]

P3d50 - optimal for skin age in the 50's - 6 Tx's - $4,230 - [T/lg/pg, pg/lg, T/lg, pg/lg, T/lg, pg/lg]

P3d60 - optimal for skin age in the 60's - 7 Tx's - $5,445 - [T/lg/pg, pg/lg, T/lg, pg/lg, T/lg, pg/lg, T/lg]



2-D - (treatments every 2 weeks) - New Pricing

P2d1 – 5 Tx's -  $1,975 - [pg/lg, pg/lg, pg/lg, pg/lg, pg/lg]

P2d2 – 5 Tx's -  $1,585 - [pg/lg, lg, pg/lg, pg/lg, lg]

P2d3 – 5 Tx's -  $1,390 - [pg/lg, lg, pg/lg, lg, lg]

P2d4 – 3 Tx's -  $1,185 - [pg/lg, pg/lg, pg/lg]


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